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Tickle My Fancy, Veggie Edition

It’s a Saturday in the middle of summer. I’ve taken a moment to sort through my random digital wranglings/images.  An item, a message, an unusual grouping, a spot-on or far-out marketing campaign, interesting product placement, a look, or a reflection, or an instant of plain ol’ serendipity may catch my eye.  Whimsy really.  And all have become kind of schmooshed into a big bloggy bucket.

What I found upon sorting was that along with a plethora of amazing public art, creative utilitarian pieces, clever colorful items, sweet, sassy and/or ironic things, useless or useful items, turns out there also happens to be a garden of inspiration that tickles my fancy. (#TMF)

So here we go!  And why not, it’s fun. Let’s celebrate summer with an ‘un-collection’ of vegetables.

Happy Veggies

Happy Veggies

Natures Bounty, Spring Radished

CAM08480 - Copy Thoughtful Veggies, both water-colored and real.

Carrot Humor, who knew?

The Sassy Birthday Card à la Veggies

1st Birthday Pepper "Cake"

When life gives you lemons but no eggs, you invent the Pepper Cake.

This yellow pepper ‘cake placebo’, wrapped with a washi tape bow, was actually a big hit.  How many time does a mother say, “Why I’m glad you’re up sooooo early, and YES you may eat your entire cake this morning”.  Magical really. Thanks to a vegetable.

Oscar Orange? Here’s a ‘friend’ of a popular toy. Vintage, yet I had never even heard of Oscar the Orange. Hmmm. Mr Potato Head might not have wanted to share the limelight perhaps?  It was no surprise that poor Oscar was practically NIB.

Eggpland & Karrot

Who wouldn’t enjoy an anthropomorphic eggplant & carrot, especially during a soggy Saturday market? As this is the fourth set of smiling veggies, I might be on to something.

Expanding a bit from produce to food. Starting with this FEASTmode sign.


May be only in the Seattle. But seeing this on a Mickey D’s run during Superbowl season was a hoot.  The 12th man is having a McMuffin–people can I get a woo hoo!

While waiting for burritos to-go at a mom and pop shop, I glanced over to the corner of the counter. Some children with their mother were giggling and insistently pointing at something. Gathered together was a collection of impromptu foil sculptures. Then I spied the one that was making them so happy, The foreground is a (perhaps) grasshopper, but the second item in is a pair of Wall:E glasses.  You may need to squint. Cute! Wearable too. I hope the couldn’t-be-starving-with-these-enormous-tacos artist had a great day.

Taco Art

Yoga and grapes

Well, grapes definitely are used to produce wine, so let’s include this sassy shirt. (Thx Pat)

And lastly, and very very loosely this tickles my fancy too. Squirrels are nuts, hide nuts and eat nuts. So here, Just go Nuts

it cracks me up.

Happy Summer!


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