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Time For A Cup Of Tea?

Do you have time for a cup of tea?

Often seen in bowls, tucked on shelves or displayed at antiques stores, are a variety of sweet palm sized pottery figures.  Wolves, whales, squirrels and sea turtles. You may be familiar with these mini treasures. Or perhaps even more than familiar (*cough* Eggplant) and may have completed a set, or two, or three.  In 1967, Red Rose Tea began to include these Wade figurines in their Canadian tea boxes.  The American series premiered in 1983.  Nautical pieces are included in the current group, be on the lookout for the Conch Shell, Lighthouse, Seahorse, Starfish, and  Treasure Chest.

I’ve always thought Chester here was a Wade figurine, however, I do not see him listed. Corgi 1

But there was an earlier set of collections that began in 1959. Remarkable tea cards.  Let’s peek at some the treasures tucked into and on tea boxes .

Red Rose collectible tea cards were issued in annual series of 48 cards each, from 1959 through 1975.  The best place to be whilst sipping a Red Rose tea, might be perusing the cards collected in your book throughout the year. When complete, the pages will contain high quality images, plus facts about the animals, plants &/or habitats.

I have a mini collection of four of the earlier books.  And, I l-o-v-e paying the original prices, and these were even better–two for 25¢. (Four books with cards for .50¢. In English and French.  Suppressing squeal of thrifting happiness. . .)

Series 3 – 1961

Red Rose  Brooke Bond Blue Ribbon 1Wild Flowers Red Rose backMany interesting facts are complied in these slim books.

Flower of Manitoba

Series 6 – 1964

Red Rose Brooke Bond Blue Ribbon 2Tropical Birds Red Rose Back

Quite a remarkable bird, check out actual photos. Amazing.

Quite a remarkable bird, check out actual photos. Amazing.

Series 8 – 1966

Red Rose Brooke Bond Blue Ribbon 4Butterflies of North America Red Rose BackBrooke Bond is the parent company to Red Rose.

Filled with lots of interesting information

How to tell Moth from ButterflyFantastic graphics

Olive Hairstreak ButterflySpicebush Swallowtail and Prequel

Series 9 – 1967

Red Rose Brooke Bond Blue Ribbon 3Canadian American Songbirds Back - Red RoseHummingbirds Fairy TernI had no idea about the eggs of the elegant Fairy Tern. Not every egg is in a classic nest. Hmmm.

What a delightful way to add a touch of pizzazz, and create curiosity all while sipping a daily cup or two.

Green KingfisherFor Tea by the Cup: Place 1 Red Rose tea bag in cup and pour in boiling water. Brew 3 to 5 minutes or until desired strength. For Tea by the Pot: Rinse teapot with hot water. Place Red Rose tea bags in teapot, using one bag per cup. Pour boiling water into teapot and brew for 3 to 5 minutes, or until desired strength. Add sugar, milk or lemon to taste. From Red Rose Teas

The application for the certificate, and an example, for completing your book

Just might want to consider a Red Rose premiums item next time you’re out and about sipping a cup of tea.

One Thought on “Time For A Cup Of Tea?

  1. Eggplant on 18 October, 2014 at 10:39 pm said:

    Chester the Corgi is from the Canadian Red Rose tea collection 1967-1973. I’ve got one too! Love the collectible tea card books. Where’s you find those?

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