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To Market, To Market

Isn’t it a delight to visit a different market? On vacation, or outside of your neighborhood. One that might have a different variety of items than on your typical grocery list.  More organic produce, more organic wines, more gluten-free products, more nut butters.  Maybe more cheese samples-cow, sheep, goat or soy.  Carts with cup-holders. A fully stocked floral shop. Aromatic soups simmering. Yum.

I love stores with wider varieties of bulk foods. We’ve seasoned meals with black Hawaiian salt, pink sea salt, French fleur de sel, and green Celtic salt.  Enjoyed pasta in every shape and color. Most recent item was sweet brown rice this week. I’ve had success with classic white and brown rice, jasmine rice, black rice and saffron rice. This however turned out (for me) looking like the gruel in ‘Oliver’.  Tasted fine. The texture. . . not so much.

A fresh approach to a new market is a great opportunity to have my family sample things outside of our suburban box. (Box as in cereal, cake mix, mac n cheese, etc.)

What have we tempted/stretched our palates with? Offerings of okra, canned lychee, persimmons, pickled herring, kumquats, escargot, green tea jelly (antioxidant?) , baby octopus, Phineas & Ferb soup, crayfish, parsnips, lutefisk and dried grasshoppers (which I still feel behind my tonsil). Purple cauliflower, purple carrots, & purple potatoes (Yes, it’s a school color).

While oh-so-unique, I have not been able to purchase a Buddha’s hand. The fruit is just too eery.  Cannot even include a photo. Description says “To eat it, you just slice the fingers lengthwise.” Shudder.  I still love new markets.

Anyhoo, the ‘Jamaica Me Crazy’ seasoning was initially a sassy stocking stuffer, but is quite delicious on chicken too.

Bon Appetit!

What’s up with this Nestle (?!?)No Girls!?!


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