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OK, I should qualify this post.  I have been fighting a migraine for past few days. So if something makes me smile during the pain, I will try to acknowledge it. But have been trying to look for the small things, gratitude and all that jazz. However, this post certainly not life changing.

Yesterday I baked a cake for an event and used the classic cake tester–a toothpick–from a crumpling, half-empty box.  (We don’t make a lot of cakes or pick a lot of teeth. I think I have bought two boxes in my adult life.)  Resolving to keep said toothpicks in place, I removed them from the old box and put them in a glass to corral them. When I went to put them away later, much later. I saw a delightful star.  Admittedly, I was very tired, but thought “Hey, that’s a little surprise.”


Pretty darn simple, but again it unexpectedly made me smile.   Go toothpicks!


Should also be grateful that the bundt cake emptied from the detailed pan intact.  It is usually a 50/50 outcome.

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