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US Navy Letterhead – World War II

Stationery.  I am lucky enough to have a number of examples from late 1939 – 1946.  Letters sent from members of the Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines, Waves, CCC and the Red Cross. I was quite surprised upon seeing the variety of stationery used.  Embossed, colored, creative, heavy bond, or tissue thin for airmail.  Some simple and some quite detailed. Time was taken to create and provide these pages for those serving the country.  With a nod to my Dad the pilot, let’s start with some of Navy examples.CC gold emboss CC planes 2 CC planesusn bronxCAM00869CAM00871USN shipMaryland 1Annapolis 1Annapolis 2Annapolis Xmas detail

USNenvelope TI embosssassy navy note

Wednesday on my chow hour.

The elegance of a letter. The stationery does seem to go hand and hand with the greatest generation.  I know each was precious to send and receive.  The next step is to unravel the history contained within the letters.

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