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Van Go

An obsession of my fresh(wo)man and her piggies is a certain shoe. And the shoes that have captured her heart are Vans.


For the most part, we do not have a lot of shoes. But she certainly has collected a lot of One shoe. Fun, funky, colorful kicks; I can see why they are at the top of her list each holiday. Practical too.

Vans 1

Plus, they almost work as ‘an unscheduled encore of Easter‘ around the house. What is this purple shoe doing here? Oh look there’s one under the couch or desk, or . . . Yet we don’t wear shoes in the house, how does this happen?  Hmmm? Perhaps a bored Easter Bunny is tucking them ‘hither and yon’ to keep in shape for next spring? Maybe they are bunnies, since they like to hide under desks, chairs, couches and tables.  Endearing, maddening scattered but the collection certainly makes her radiate happiness. And that is somethings I can Go with.


Now if she would just put them away.

And then let’s shop to get another pair with polka dots too! Cute.van tooHobbled, Bobbled, and Mountains of fun

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