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Vintage Christmas Cards, Set 1- Light

I have a large collection of vintage Christmas cards; found amongst the hundreds of letters that were carefully sorted and bundled in my mothers college trunk.  Many of which have enchanting graphics, layers, colors, fonts and details. Some, like the card below with cellophane, have added detail.  I am absolutely crazy about most of them and the snapshot of history it represents. Thanks again to my friends who kept me from tossing it all out. So now let’s celebrate these delicate paper treasures.

In keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, I am going to host a “card buffet’, a casual get together to take a peek at the cards, purely at your leisure. Then grab a cup of coffee, or perhaps a peppermint mocha, and see if you can remember any cards your family sent or received growing up.

Here is first group. All of the holiday cards were discovered in the Trunk (see categories), one card from the early 30’s, most from 1939-44. The cards are happy to get not only out of the trunk, but out of their envelopes too.

Vintage Christmas Cards, Set 1 Light

These cards are united by candlelight.

Card 1Xmas 1aXmas 1bCard 2, from Wally & Myrtle

Myrtle 1 Myrtle 2

FYI Myrtle is very difficult to spell correctly each time, although it does rhyme so nicely with turtle.  The girls got spunk.

Card 3

Joe 1

Golden, layered, embossed

Joe 2

Joe 3

To the sweetest girl in Washington

Card 4

Plane/Candle 1

Not sure how effective a candle would be, but it’s the thought that counts.Plane/Candle 2

Simple and sweet, “I wish you happiness”

Almost a daily devotion really, and an excellent springboard for the new year.

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