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Wandered Past

In the previous post, I shared quite a treasure trove I squirreled away in a space the size of a small shoe box on my trip.

However, I did not mention that it wasn’t easy. Tucked away in a gymnasium sized junk store were some of my faves–industrial stools, kitchen tools, & egg baskets. I can always use another gallon size vintage jar with a lid, if I could only get it home.

Today while looking for another photo, I came across a some examples of things left behind.

Vintage game boards are always on my list of things to find, and they had many. Some of the less classic examples:

Dick Tracy Board Game

1962 Board game, in terrific shape, great colors. Sigh

Daisy the Doodle Doll & friends, all new to ne except Twister

Daisy the Doodle Doll & friends, all new to me except Twister

Video Villiage TV Game

1960 game. Funky Mad Men vibe. Also staying, unless I get another suitcase . .

Some day I may visit North Dakota, and I could get a head start on a souvenir . . .

I must have pondered over this large red box three times. Filled with crayons in a rainbow of colors and multiple sizes, including chunky ones for the youngest artists, it was delightful. Just add imagination.

I purchased a 1931 Chicago Tribune, but there were stacks of papers, magazines and posters that were also old, beautiful, and waiting to be repurposed.

This blue cabinet with cubbies would have many potential uses. But nuts, I couldn’t get it.

Edelmann nuts and bolts

I was tempted to face the roundabouts and toll roads again to find a Fed Ex.

Even if a fine gentlemen offered to help me with my bags,

Thanks Frank

Thanks Frank

I would have to decline and keep my purchases edited and compact. (Some family members may take issue with ‘edited‘ however.)

Anyhoo, that’s the rest of the story. Bigger things left for another treasure seeker.

At least for now.

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