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Recently I went on a trip that took a little U-turn.

Visiting the Midwest this April, I noticed some distinct differences from the Pacific Northwest. Hail, sun, wind and rain–all in the same afternoon.  I had directions, but my confidence wavered as I began to see signs for Kentucky.  The round and round of roundabouts and an acute fear of entering a toll road unprepared had me completely off kilter. With no mountains to orient this jet-lagged driver, I was on a divided highway heading in the wrong direction. I needed to turn around ASAP.

A little break in the barriers gave me the opportunity to zip across the lanes into a U-haul dealership. Once safely in the driveway, I spied another business next door. I popped in to ask a human directions.  The owner gave me clear, highway-free directions.  The entrance said antique shop, however I would call it a jam-packed junk shop (aka fun!). The store was about to close, and I needed to find my destination which was not Kentucky. Then she gave me this. “Enjoy it, have a nice visit and a blessed day.”

Mini Tape Measure

Mini Pink Tape Measure

Isn’t it cute?                                                                     (Yes, I need still to clean it.)

A window of free time opened unexpectedly the next afternoon. The directions are easy-peasy to find the store again. Plus, returning to express my thanks seemed like the polite thing to do.

With a carry-on and no plans for foraging on this trip, I’d just visit to meander for a moment or two.  Enjoy the browse-able aisles and a unique a peek into the Midwest past. I’m always intrigued to see what people seek out to collect.

This little postal scale was just $5. And while shabby, I knew I would later think about it 2000 miles away. Hmmm. Well, I had delivered two boxes of Girl Scout cookies, plus socks, sunscreen, some dorm and Easter treats. So I had a small amount of wiggle room.

Rusty little scale

It tipped my decision, and I bought it. Perhaps not the best choice for a carry-on, the mechanism would need to be protected and supported. Such a dilemma. Sometime a girl is forced to shop.  Just a few small things . . .

The small haul.

The holiday graphics caught my eye on this small old box.

Cheese 1

Plus the Christmas gift was still inside.

cheese 3

As soon as I have anything cellophane, I’m going to mark it.

Do you think this sweet enamel mug is vintage or reproduction?

At about $20 for everything, I couldn’t resist this meaningful last item, so slim and easy to pack.

Indiana Plate

Yes, bundled up it all fit nicely. (Whew.) And just one fairly puzzled look tossed my way during the TSA bag scan. I guess not many people travel with license plates and a rusty scale. Now home, these road trip finds make me happy as a NW clam. I stayed pretty true to my vintage roots, I’ve previously posted collections of milk bottles, rulers, pencil boxes, Peanuts and pennants. These new pieces will fit right in.

Wander Indiana, an excellent slogan indeed.  I’m glad I got (just a bit) lost.

One Thought on “Wandering

  1. Your suitcase looks like my suitcase when I travel! Great finds and the perfect way to fill the empty spaces in a suitcase. Love the scale! I think the little enamel cup is vintage…and adorable!

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