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What if Cinderella had a Glass Pumpkin?

I’ve always pictured Cinderella as French.  She might have a few of these around the castle to remind herself of pre-Charming days.

 Collection of Hand Blown Glass Citrouilles.Glass Pumpkin familyEach November, a group of local artists have an art glass show at the home of one of the members.  From huge statement pieces to vases to coaster sets, and for those interested, glass cowboy hats. I love attending and collecting a piece or two at a time, including these irresistible pumpkins.  It’s also been a perfect time to pick up unique Christmas gifts. The glass blowing is ongoing onsite. The furnaces, bench and blowpipes for molten creating are right in the garage. Iridescent blown glass ornaments are hung to the reflect the glow of the furnace in a twinkle.

Purple Pal

This one lost its golden stem after a fall,

Clear Orange

Love the curly stems


Each has a distinct pattern

Shiny Blue

Kurpitsa. See? Cute in Finnish too.

I use this collection starting October 1st (if I can wait that long) and celebrate autumn with them until at least November 30th.


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