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What’s for Dinner? 1920’s

Collection of Recipe Booklets from the 1920’s

Tips on serving,

and the maid reference is from a Joseph Campbell  Booklet!

It also includes a list of the 21 Campbell soups available.  Tomato still reigns in the 21st century, no more Mock Turtle is no longer an option, and I have no idea what Printanier is.  Do you?

Other 20’s menu options

California SaladBanana Guide

What’s for dinner? Perhaps a cup of Joe with Ox Tongue sandwich?

Coffee wth Egg

Enjoy the menu planning ideas.

Bon Appetit!

PS, OK,  I am Miss Curious. FYI  A dainty soup named Printanier, made in the Springtime, just when the vegetables are youngest and freshest.

Off to polish the silver now . . .  No, not really

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