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What’s for Dinner? 1940’s

What could you expect to enjoy for dinner in post-war America?

A classic, of course.(this bird is looking a bit on the scrawny side . . .)

The following roast is more robust, but now the host is looking a bit on the scary side. CAM03206It is always nice to offer guests a beverage. CAM03193Especially when using your new snazzy International Harvester Fridge to make fancy ice cubes.CAM03187You could serve carrot pudding.CAM03200 You could, but would you? Drat, I think we just ran out of suet. Actually, I have never seen suet unless in a birdfeeder.

Oh those crazy kids.CAM03210(I know what you’re thinking but it’s not a Coke ad.)

Not waxing nostalgic about this illustration however.CAM03207 Ever plan to cook in the Andes or Alps? That’s where this graphic takes me vs. say, Denver.CAM03199High Altitude Baking Examples. CAM03198Product placement or endorsement?CAM03202Key word here is Fry This kitchen ephemera collection is from 1946-1949.   I am going to make a snap observation and say the theme at this time was hospitality using modern new appliances.

Don’t forget dessert!


One Thought on “What’s for Dinner? 1940’s

  1. You did Peanuts! I have such a soft spot for Peanuts. I even read Charles Schultz’s biography….(real downer). But I LOVE PEANUTS! Thanks! And are any of those pieces for sale? I think I might need those….

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