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What’s For Dinner Charlie Brown?

Let’s check out these mod Peanuts collectibles for menu ideas.

1965 Peanuts Recipe Tin and 1970 Peanuts Cookbook

I’d eat at Snoopy’s Pizza Place. He has a flair, plus he’s well traveled. Linus shared his favorite recipe,

Great Pumpkin Cookies Recipe 1970

For while you’re waiting in the pumpkin patch. (I’d use craisins vs raisins.)

***My new go-to recipe for Pumpkin Bread

Mix together one 15 oz. can pumpkin with one spice cake mix.

Spread in a pan. Bake at 350° for 20-25 mins.

This easy-peasy recipe an also be made as loaf or as drop cookies. I recommend using a pie or tart pan. It cooks evenly, smells heavenly and is Tasty with a capital T. Kids want to lick the bowl? Go for it! No eggs = no problem.  Done in less than 30 minutes.  (Thank you Pinterest.) TRY IT!

Great Pumpkin Comic 1970

This 1970 Scholastic publication with comics and recipes (what a great kids cookbook!) the original price was 60¢.  The well-worn, splattered, yet still vivid hot pink & and lime green pages are a library discard found for a quarter.

1965 Peanuts Recipe Tin Detail 2

Can’t hit every one out of the park.

Something for everyone in the household. Woof!

An abundance of Peanuts personality is packed on to this Hallmark recipe tin from 1965. I have a hankering to call someone “My Sweet Babboo”, however Sally didn’t use the term of endearment for Linus that until 1977.

1965 Peanuts Recipe Tin Detail 3

(Not sure when this 2’x 1′ poster is from, but it is a key recipe for life.)

The best recipe

Peanuts wisdom. 



Bon Appétit!

PS. Just read that A Charlie Brown Christmas will be 50 (!) this year. 

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