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What’s In Style

Straight, curly, long, pixie. Natural, permed, relaxed. Colored, highlighted or dipped in blue.  Bangs, buns, braids.


Popular styles appear each decade, Dorothy Hamill’s wedge, Farrah’s curls, The Rachel, or Posh’s Pageboy.

Here is a photo of 3rd grade girls in 1930. Apparently, the above chin bob with bangs was an extremely popular haircut as twenty-six girls have essentially the same cut.   Even the girl with unruly curls in the middle with a bright smile on her face.   It was the beginning of the Great Depression, so it may be sensible reasons vs. fashionable?

Third Grade Girls, 1930

But I just love the photo, and the accompanying list of names: Evelyn, Laura, Yuke, Eileen, June, Patricia, Delores, Aileen, Gwendolyn, Betty (2), Alice, Dorothy, Marjorie, Josephine, Agnes, Ruth (2), Grace, Mary, Eleanor, Anne, Martha, Alberta, and Leora.

26 earnest faces, ready to scatter onto the playground.


One Thought on “What’s In Style

  1. Cute cut on those girls and it is funny they all have the same style. Love those old fashioned names. I think I know someone with each of those names except Gwendolyn, Yuke, Alberta and Leora. Names stand the test of time and sure go in cycles.

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