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What’s On Your To-Do List?

 What’s on your to-do list for the weekend?  Might a load, or two, or five, of laundry be in your plans?  Nothing like soggy days and new sports seasons. What’s on your child’s list of things to do? Could the agenda include imaginative playing?

Here’s a chance to do both.  If  you too have a Vintage Toy Washing Machine.DOLLY’S WASHER by the Buffalo Tool & Toy Company.

The agitator still works, however some small child removed the inner bucket, and broke a roller. The loss of the hand crank is also attributed to this child. (Alright, it was me.  I was very very young, and the toy washer was already very very old.  More carelessness than any sort of pre-feminist statement. Perhaps too many doll clothes thru in a batch.) I love this toy my mom saved for me, then and now. It still makes the greatest ‘grrrr whirrr’ motor sound when it moves after being wound a few times.

Green.  Great graphics. Great fun.  Might be a good receptacle for a potted plant this spring.

Boys and girls are helping with the washing; it’s entertaining to see the late 20’s/early 30’s clothing, haircuts and toys illustrated in the machine.Buffalo Toy & Tool Works; 1924-1968
Manufacturers of inexpensive and lightweight, lithographed pressed steel mechanical toys based on the patents held by the founder and owner, Frank R. Labin. His spiral rod design was used in the design of various aeronautical and carousel type toys as well as automobiles.

The world of pretend play toys has changed in many ways since this washing machine was popular. Shout out to one of our faves that celebrates new traditions, GoldieBlox toys.


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