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Wheels on the Bus – What’s in Your Backpack?

  Back to school supplies (ish) from the last millennium.

Library paste box

How long could 1 gallon of paste last?

Attention all Paste eaters Chalk Box

Free from anything injurous

Box side detail

Slide Rule

I had never seen a slide rule until this one from the flea market.

HOB's Ruler

Someone cared enough to etch their initials.

CAM03458Perfectly tempting pastels


The original ‘undo’ tool.

I find I’m trying ever so hard to not dip into vintage office supplies, or art supplies, or revisit rulers.  it’s that snowball effect!

(Thank you spell check for above,  I never seem to get millennium correct the 1st time.  Feel a bit like Finding Nemo. )

[Nemo lives in a sea anemone]
Mr. Ray: All new explorers must answer a science question. You live in what kind of home?
Nemo: An anemonemone. Amnemonemomne.
Mr. Ray: That’s okay kid, dont hurt yourself.

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