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When I Get Around To It

At last I’ve finally gotten around to assembling one of my favorite collections. Things that are round. And for the most part flat.

Was that a sigh? Admittedly, it may sound a bit mundane. But here are some delightfully quirky vintage items, plus kind of educational.

The Pike Recreation Cocktail Menu

The Pike Recreation Cocktail Menu

Detail of recipe for a Pink Lady for my grandmother, and Raj on BBT.

1951 Hoster Cocktail Guide.

Absolutely some of my favorite finds. Hard to display as half of the fun is spinning the dials.

French guide to English verbs

French to English Verb Guide

French English Chart Detail 1Now, just need to combine the two guides above to order cocktails in French. . .

 The Lucy-loophole item of the collection is this mad-for-plaid Atlantic hatbox.  Almost as fun as a sassy cocktail guide.Plaid Hat BoX

Space Needle Menu 1962

Encore of this 1962 Space Needle Menu

Additional details:

This promotional item probably took a bit of the bite out of back to school shopping.

Encryption for kids circa 1968

Encryption for kids circa 1968

Hush Puppies Decoder Key

Pocket tokens currently located not in pockets

Pocket Totems

Another pocket token received years ago from a dad to his procrastinating daughter. What is it?

A Rount TuitWhy it’s a round tuit of course.

When I Get Around To It. And yes, yes it’s from my dad. Love it.

Bonus Message:  e/ okuuxz!

4 Thoughts on “When I Get Around To It

  1. Love the round TUIT. My grandfather used to pass those out…

    • A paternal classic, always gives me a chuckle. RE: Your ‘temp’ Christmas storage, I do it too :) #mydaughterthoughtshewastheonlyonewithmomstreasuresinherroom.

  2. I never heard the term pocket totem. I love the cocktail guide :) Haven’t had much hard liquor in years so I forgot alot of those names….sloe gin fizz !

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