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Where in the World? Figuratively

A sample of from the not-so-simple-to-display-and-or-store collection of vintage globes.

The colors, the history, the dreams, the new countries, and heck–they even spin.  Globes are hard to resist. Family members have been known stand in front of a globe for sale more than once and say “Repeat after me, no more globes. . . “

We also have current globes. We LOVED our Leap Frog amazing talking globe until its passport expired from teaching us distance, national anthems, capitals, and currencies.  I  replaced it with another new talking globe. (Costco impulse, I know not exactly a streamlined plan.) While lovely, it does not have same depth of features.

I like to think of the learning and thoughts that were launched with each globe.  One globe is a h-u-g-e sturdy classroom size. Oh it was sooooo dirty from years of little hands all over it. However, the ‘smog’ washed off which revealed that over time some of the ‘world’ had rubbed off too.  A bit ironic.

At back to school time, I rally them all together in the living room for an ‘expand your brain’ send off. And they return to hang out in the study,  at the top of bookshelves and on desks. And I continue to ponder using 1/2 of a globe for a light fixture or bowl craft project.

The decorated bases and compass roses would warrant their own gallery for another time.

Globe maker since 1930, Replogle has a resource to determine the age of a vintage globe; fun and educational.

And IF you try, you can always find a use for a globe, née hatstand . . .CAM01136


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