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Whistle a Happy Tune

Try saying “Warbler” three times fast. Not as difficult as “Irish wristwatch”, but close.

Leading to a collection–a flock of songbirds.



Just so happened my planner (yes, manual vs digital) is songbirds this year.  (Not that I can identify many birds.)  I lean towards the balance of ‘a moment of serenity’ inspired by nature-themed calendars, and what’s available after new years mark-downs.

Spent a week with each of these guys:

Baltimore Oriole

Did check, and the Baltimore Orioles baseball team wears orange and black.


I am only familiar with Blue Jays, now I see why things are written about lovely Bluebirds.

White winged Cross bill

Ever spotted a White-winged Crossbill? Is aviary orthodontia available?

Tea Towel

Vintage Tea Towel.

Although quite faded, it appears to birds helping with the laundry.  Wouldn’t complain, plus I think it worked for Cinderella.

But what if your canary was feeling out of tune, what could you do?

Vintage Tin of Magic Song Restorer!

CAM03745 CAM03747 CAM03749I have a large number of vintage tins, but this is one of my favorites. Love the color.

Who can resist a bit of Magic? And the offer of help for the care of canaries? So sweet.

Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue.  David Brent

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