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Would You Like A Box With That?

This time of year? Why yes I would, thank you very much. Especially if it’s a vintage box.  The graphics on the outside can be as decorative and enchanting as what’s on the inside.

Shaggy Pine Candle Box 1

Shaggy Pine Candle Box 2A

Shaggy Pine Candles. I’m guessing made shaggy by the fact that they’re not dripless?

German Glass Ornaments

German Glass Ornaments

Variety of merriment in vintage boxes

Antique Cuddle Kids BoxThis pea=green box with sweet graphics contains antique Christmas tree candle holders.  Each metal holder has a tint of color, a tiny detail and soot from use. (!)  I do not think this is the original box. (Don’t search Cuddle Kids, unless a fan of scary dolls).

Antique Christmas Tree Metal Candle Holders 1An early Santa riding a reindeer on this old blue & white box, and perhaps an one of the angels who spoke to the shepherds prancing with a star?

Antique Christmas Ornament BoxAlas, the following box is empty, but Paine’s Balsam Fir Incense is still available. The descriptions of the aroma make me very curious. A family owned business since 1931, and the website describes their 89 year old star employee and two company dogs. I think I’m in.

Balsam Fir Insense BoxThis box from Knott’s Berry Farm contains a holiday treasure, a set of tapers pristine and at least 50 years old.

The address is Candle Kitchen, Box 15, Ghost Town.

Candle Kitchen at Knotts Berry Farm

At long last, the candles are headed for the Christmas mantel

Two tiny vintage boxes of mini-flocked trees.

Flocked baby bottle brush treedNow time it’s to get the contents, and the boxes, on display.

This is as close the antique candle holders will get to a tree.Antique Christmas Tree Metal Candle Holders 1

Merry December!

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