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Wow, I Could’ve Had A V-8 in 1958

Last week I helped a friend Christmas shop. The mission was to locate a vintage frog item for an upcoming gift exchange. Chatting and catching up, we shopped merrily away. We saw pigs, dogs, dolls, pigs with wings, but no frogs.  However, I spotted this out of the corner of my eye. I had to take a quick second peek.  Seeing “The Cunninghams” caught my attention initially, as I was also shopping for a Cunningham gift. Vintage graphics are a favorite for them, and I thought this poster might just be ideal.

V-8 Holiday Calendar Inching my way to the wall of the packed booth for a closer look, it said “With Saturday Evening Post Covers”.  Covers, as in plural. Hmmm. Thrifting happy dance–there are additional pages.  While not complete, it IS an enormous holiday countdown calendar. I love advent calendars, even one with a retail vibe. The more, the merrier. Each 3’x2′ page could be a holiday decoration. The minty green border could fit into many Christmas decorating schemes today.

I mulled, and we continued to meander through other booths and stores. Where are the frogs? Could have easily started a scary plastic Santa collection.  Lots of vintage games, ornaments and red rolling pins featured. I lingered over an Ohio Art globe for a moment, or two.  Then I saw the second sign, 25% off today.  After some seasonal deliberations, ho ho ho the calendar was mine.

 Friday, December 19

December 19 V8 calendar

Surprise! The days are the same as 2014. The Post covers are from the early 50’s, the years aligned in 1958, so I’m guessing this is a 1958 store promotional display.

The Saturday Evening Post illustrations each provide a little snapshot in to Christmas past. Filled ashtrays at a party would be now be rare, but the wonder of Santa, and the bustle of Christmas is everlasting. Artwork by Amos Sewell, Benjamin Prins, Norman Rockwell, and more.  I cannot find anything similar in V-8 vegetable juice advertising or through the parent company, Campbell’s Soups. Which makes the find that much more fun.

Each page has a reminders of what a holiday shopping list should include, turkey, ham, fruit cake and cookie ingredients, and wait for it  . . V-8.

Not sure how I’d feel about hot V-8, but a Bloody Mary might be in order to toast this find. December 19 detailA red cardboard holder remains at the top, so it could be displayed on an easel.  As we are easel-free, framing pages and hanging singularly or in a grid would be an option. Big binder clips are the answer for this year.

This is the last page remaining.  Hoping the duck is a present, not dinner!December 20, 1958

Cunningham page has been gifted to the Cunningham’s. And I’m on a quest to give and/or display the rest.  Which reminds me, 4 shopping days until Christmas, I had better make a list for the market because we’re cookie baking tomorrow. Some things never change.  Thanks V-8 for this terrific collection. Merry Merry!


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