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You Light Up My Life

If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
– William Morris, “The Beauty of Life,” Birmingham Society of Arts and School of Design (1880)

Classic statement. Perpetual goal. If Mr. Morris were to pop by right now and peek into our office, he might not think me familiar with this concept. . .

But we found a fabulous item which fulfills the Morris golden rule.

This PS 2014 Pendant Light is from IKEA. No surprise, it came flat. My daughter assembled the many (many) pieces into a mod orb for her room.

IKEA Moving Light 1With a pull of the string, look at the transformation. Voilà! 

IKEA Moving Light 1Beautiful. Useful. Kinetic. Fun. Yup, nailed the golden rule. Literally. (OK fine, used screws.)

I love IKEA. Frozen meatballs and Swedish pancakes often make their way into our cart along with items expressing Swedish ingenuity each visit.Ikea BugHowever, I almost (almost) fell for an item not on my list when I was alone picking up the light. There were delightful furry greeters from the Seattle Humane Society in front of the store.

The big yellow adoption bus brings adoptable pets to IKEA Seattle twice a month. Cats, kittens and dogs are available for on-the-spot adoptions. All pets are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and come with a certificate for a free health exam.

Oh my, I did not come home with a new pet, but ever-so close.

IKEA PS 2014 pendant lightt

The fabulous light was later installed at home, and tested by each family member.  Then retested. What can I say, it’s fun. One more surprise?You Light Up My Life Light

At night the light creates a star on the ceiling. Perfect for my little star. Love it.

PS. While checking the IKEA website to confirm the name of this snazzy fixture, I now admire them even more after reading this,

At IKEA Seattle, we are proud to be a member of the greater Puget Sound community and we are dedicated to giving back to the local communities where our co-workers live and work. Most recently, we have donated to the following organizations:

● Community in Schools of Renton  ● Renton River Days Festival ●Bridge of Promise
● Renton Area Youth and Family Services  ● Boyer Children’s Clinic ● Seattle Children’s Theatre
● NW Furniture Bank  ● Washington Spanish School●Academy Schools ● Nordic Heritage Museum
● Northwest Harvest  ● Vision House  ● Save Habitat and Diversity of Wetlands
● Save Habitat and Diversity of Wetlands  ● Camp Korey at Carnation Farm
● New Phoebe House Association  ● Woodin Elementary School
● Darcy Read Memorial Preschool  ● Compass Housing Alliance ●Kenmore Elementary
● Stillwaters Environmental Education Center  ● Seattle Architectural Foundation
● Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center – Oblitride  ● A Step Above
● Network Tacoma  ● Academy Schools ●HopeLink  ● Mary’s Place ●  Earth Corps

Beautiful, useful, and from a company with a caring presence in the community. Mr. Morris would be smiling now.

PPS: link to the light

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One Thought on “You Light Up My Life

  1. Very cool lamp! We have one IKEA in western PA and it is only 20 min. from me. Haven’t wondered thru in quite a while. I’ll put it on my list. They always had the best ball pit ever for those preschool years. Not sure about the on-the-spot pet adoption idea. Just like you, most didn’t go to IKEA that day with a mindful decision to come home with a forever furry friend. I’m guessing the Humane Society might get quite a few ‘returns’ the days following.

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