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You Say TomAto, I Say Tom-ah-to

Vintage or Vintage-Style?

It pays to pay attention. Or maybe it saves. Last weekend I attended a flea market and (this is key for me) just bought one item.

What caught my eye from a plethora of intriguing objects? This bottle,

Le Bon Lait Bottle 1Cows. Blue. French.

Ceramic lid and wire handle. Le Bon Lait Bottle 2

And . . . . .  it’s originally from Cost Plus World Market. Old-fashioned but not old. French, alas not from France. Online price $5.99. Also saw many listings on etsy and ebay for this vintage-inspired find.

If I had the opportunity would I bring this back from France? You bet. So it’s reasonable that someone else would too. A lesson in buying what you love.  And I do. But this was a close one.

Le Bon Lait Bottle 3I saw the same bottle this weekend at a lovely annual French inspired flea market.  Marked down to $23. Yikes.

The bottle is 100% useful, and irresistibly cute in our fridge replacing the less-than-charming Costco bottle.

Costco 64 oz Creamer

I collect milk bottles and the price was just $2. When I bought it I didn’t ask any questions or unobtrusively take a moment to Google “Le Bon Lait” on my phone. Cows. Blue. In French. I do love it. But considering the difference between vintage and vintage-style is one for me to remember.  So time for a little Latin–Caveat Emptor.

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